We specialise in the revolutionary Pure waterfed pole cleaning system, giving us access to heights of 80ft without any additional or expensive equipment, saving our customers around 40% on their cleaning costs on average.


Using this system passes savings directly onto our customers as there is no additional cost on the fitting and yearly maintenance of eyebolts, ladders ties or the hiring of access equipment.


• Cleans up to 80 Feet (8 floors) with a new lightweight pole

• Reach & Wash, Tucker poles & Omnipole

• Cleans windows, UPVC, facades, glass roofs, panelling and cladding

• Eliminates the use of ladders, cherry pickers, cradles etc on 95% of buildings

• Operators work from the safety of the ground

• Reaches previously inaccessible windows with ease

• Environmentally friendly and chemical free

• Maintains privacy and reduces disturbance

• Saves you money

The advantages of this new system far outweigh any previous cleaning methods and have the additional benefit of being chemical free. 100% pure laboratory graded water, is pumped through telescopic poles, making this a safe and environmentally friendly choice.


There are no Health and Safety risks impeding its use, making it, by far, the safest and most cost-effective cleaning method with proven excellent results.