Groves Window Cleaning offers a professional gutter cleaning service.


Why is it necessary?


The purpose of guttering is to direct the flow of excess water away from your building, and if they are blocked then this becomes impossible or even detrimental to the structure. The consequences are costly and can include:


• Cracked foundations, caused by excessive water by the foundation wall

• Leaking roof, caused by ice-dams on gutter build-up

• Treacherous pavements, caused by gutter overflow, which can freeze during colder months creating hazardous icy stretches.

• Leaking basements and cellar areas, caused by flooding from over-flowing gutters.

• Cracked and sagging pavements and courtyard areas.


The Gutter Vacuum method


The highly efficient method that we use is the gutter vacuum which is a telescopic arm which can be extended to reach gutters at a height of up to 45ft (4 stories) enabling us to professionally attend to the guttering of almost all apartment blocks, as well as hospitals and commercial properties.


The gutter vacuum works by suctioning out the leaves, moss and mulch that clog gutters if left unattended. This method eliminates both the risk to the safety of our team, and also the risk of damage to the guttering or the brickwork.


It also allows Groves to work without scaffolding, cherry-pickers, ladders or other access equipment, which maintains the privacy of those in the building, and guarantees to keep costs as low as possible.


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We also carry out gutter clearing throughout the South East Region. If you manage / own any other properties throughout London & The South East region then we would be more then happy to supply you with free estimates for window cleaning and / or gutter clearing